To the characteristics of light equipment performance

Floodlight: heaven and earth and the exhaust lamp, feet light, top row floodlight, etc.Spotlight: a convex lens poly lamp, soft spot.No lens spotlight: back to the light, PAR lamp and closed bulb. Including: parallel, set light type, soft light type, astigmatism type, etcImaging spotlight:

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Basic knowledge of professional audio simple introduction

Professional audio equipment including: monitor mixer, Amplifiers mixer, Portable mixers, Power amplifier; A dynamic microphone; Capacitor microphone; Wireless microphone; Speakers; Monitor speaker; Pa speaker; Ultra-low sound box; Equalizer; Reverberator; Effectors;

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Singer performing production, audio, 

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Carnival production

Production performance, acoustics, stage

Live band

Europe.Beautyprofessional audio  equipment

Stage production

Stage size (from 1 feet tall and 3 feet high),